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It'sAMay Coaching and Consulting is designed to help people create successful, vibrant businesses. The process starts with where you are at right now in your company. We look at which things are working for you and the things that you want to change. Then, we figure out your goals and design a step-by-step action plan. Over time, we will refine this plan and help you reach the creative success and personal growth you deserve. Whether you want to start with a business workshop or enjoy personalized life coaching, we can help you reach your true potential. We help you develop clarity about your goals and a strategic plan. With the right energy and motivation, you can achieve your dreams and become a truly successful entrepreneur.

Our Services

Our services

  • Family Relationships
  • Entrepreneur Program
  • Domestic Violence
  • Business Leadership
  • 8 Hour Fast Track Certification
  • Business Group Workshops
  • Private Group Workshops
  • Health and Wellness
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Grief and Loss

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